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KNIGHTS Athletics

Middletown High School


KNIGHTS Athletics

Middletown High School

KNIGHTS Athletics

Middletown High School

MHS Players In College

This page is currently under construction. Please email with the names of Middletown student-athletes who continued their careers into college. Be sure to include name, college/university, years played, and sport played.


Tyler Clemmer U.S. Coast Guard Academy 2017-Present
Kevin Lynott Frostburg University 2017-Present
Garrett Johnson Merchant Marine Academy 2017- resent
James Early Merchant Marine Academy 2016-Present
Marquis Lauer Frostburg University 2016-2017
Jace Denham Frostburg University 2016-Present
Danny Finn Coast Guard Academy 2015-Present
Will McClain University of Maryland 2015-Present
Nick Welch Salisbury University 2015-Present
Logan Casey Shepherd University 2014
Frankie Meighan Shepherd University 2014
Bradley Rinehart Shepherd University 2014-Present
Tim Pirrone Lebanon Valley College 2014-Present
Tim Schumacher Lebanon Valley College 2014-Present
Justin Falcinelli Clemson University 2014-Present
Ricky Leonard Florida State University 2014-Present
Parker Johnson United States Merchant Marine Academy 2013-present
Jess Powell Bridgewater University 2013-present
Zach Welch Monmouth University 2013-present
Collin Delauter Bridgewater University 2012-2015
Ben Lewis Syracuse University 2012-2015
Chris Pirrone Shepherd/Shippensburg 2012-2014
Patrick Weiss Juniata College 2010-2012
David Weiss Juniata College 2009-2012
Adam Dulberger Davidson University 2009-2012
Woody Butler McDaniel College 2008-2011
Chris Nichols United States Military Academy (West Point) 2004-2007
Andrew Presnell University Of Connecticut 2005-2006
Ryan Cutsail Frostburg State University 2003-2007
Jason Cutsail Frostburg State University 1998-2002
Evan Routazan University Of Virginia 1998-2001

Field Hockey

Liz Meighan York College 2017-Present
Ali Williams Appalachian State University 2016-Present
Emma Provost LaSalle University 2016-Present
Abigail Provost Stevenson University 2014-Present
Kati Rothenhoefer American University 2011-2015
Carlee Dumars Slippery Rock University 2012-2016
Michelle Burhman Hood College 2008-2012
Christine Zanowicz Appalachian State University  
Shelby Ferko Towson University  
Mareen McGreeve Loyola University  
Lisa Pritts Messiah  
Alison Rutland Shippensburg University  
Karen McCammon Salisbury University  
Tracey Wolfe Salisbury University  
Leah Koznarsky Towson University  
Kate Efflan University of Maryland  
Sam Folland Frostburg University  
Lisa Delauter Westwood Frostburg University  -1985
Joann Engestrom Temple Towson University / USA Olympic Team  
Brittany Schneider New Hampshire  
Jennifer Zeigler Frostburg 1991

Boys' Soccer

Josh Woozley Salisbury University 2017-Present
Will Miller St. Mary's College 2017-Present
Chase Stottlemyer Davis & Elkins College 2017-Present
Luke Ahalt Longwood University 2017-Present
Clay Smith Hood College 2016-Present
Zach Fontenot St. Mary's College 2013-2016
Luke Welch Air Force Academy 2011-2015
John Remsburg Eastern University 2012-2015

Girls' Soccer

Mackenzie Farran FCC 2016-Present
Lauren Neary Washington College 2015-Present
Alizah Johns-Boehme Villanova University 2015-Present
Haley Dalphon Frostburg State University 2015-Present
Mary Pritts Queens University of Charlotte 2014-Present
Emma Neahusan Grace College 2014-Present
Brittney George Hood College 2013-Present
Mackenzie Noel UNC Greensboro 2013-Present
Emily Losquadro Stevenson University 2012-Present
Rebecca Moore Stevenson University 2012
Cassie Poindexter Methodist University 2012-Present
Emily Losquandro Stevenson University 2012-Present
Alycia Giauque Bridgewater College 2012-Present
Jenna Caudle

East Tennesse State/
Appalachian State University

Jackie Kessler High Point University 2011-2015
Megan Pritts Winthrop University 2010
Kristin Giauque Stevenson University 2009
Meagan Sheffler Francis Marion University 2006
Whitney Boyer Hood College 2006
Angie Harvey Gardner-Webb University 2005
Lainey Nichols UNC-Greensboro/
Catawba College
Allie Shannon Virginia Wesleyan University 2004
Trista Haupt East Tennessee State 2003
Jody Rhoderick Francis Marion University 2003
Missy Chakalis Lenoir-Rhyne College 2002
Anna Halse University of Richmond 1999
Aryn McCumber Eastern Michigan University 1999
Stephanie Wolf Shenandoah University 1998
Meghan Marcantonio Messiah College 1997


Jake Paulishak Millersville University 2017-Present
Connor Stevens Lackawanna College 2017-Present
Jack Sullivan Hood College 2017-Present
Danny Finn Coast Guard Academy 2015-Present
Matt Lynch FCC 2015-Present
Tyler Hickey FCC 2015-Present
Dausten Chen FCC 2015-Present
Mitch Sgrignoli Mount St. Mary's University 2014-Present
Austin Main Davis and Elkins College 2014-Present
Chase Hoffman Shepherd University 2014-Present
Brooks Warrenfeltz Hood College 2015-2017
Ian Peters University of Maryland 2013-2014
Howie Kalamets Immaculata University 2013-Present
Billy Griffin Washington College 2013-Present
Nick Rabat HCC/VCU 2013-14/2015-Present
Chris Huffman HCC 2013-2014
Connor Myers Old Dominion University 2012-Present
David Meikrantz HCC/ Limestone College 2010-2014
Ty Main FIU/ USC Beaufort 2008-2011
Kevin Murphy Wesley College 2008-2011
Sean Wiles Shepherd University 2008-2011
Brandon Kline McDaniel University 2008-2011
Chase Wolfe McDaniel University  2008-2011
Chris Anderson Shepherd University  2003-2006
Eric Russell MC Germantown/ WV Weslyn  
Willie Brandenburg MC Germantown/ WV State  
Randy Lawson MC Germantown  

                          Boys' Basketball

Evan Joseph Stevenson University 2017-Present
John Bennett University of Delaware 1994-99
Barry Blickenstaff Hagerstown Junior College    1978-80 
Brian Borawski Hagerstown Junior College 1987-89
Adam Brand Frederick Community College 1998-2000
Woody Butler McDaniel College 2008-12
Patrick Carney Franklin & Marshall College 2006-10
Alex Carr Eastern Nazarene College 2006-10
Wayne Coblentz Western Maryland College 1973-77
Pete Colwell Hood College 2003-05
Ryan Comstock Frederick Comm. College  /  Goucher College 2004-08
D.J. Costello Frederick Community College 2001-03
Paul Crone Gettysburg College 2007-11
Colin Davis Randolph-Macon College 1988-92
Tim Fawley Frederick Community College 1974-76
Darrell Guyton Western Maryland College 1983-85
Eddie Hoffman Connecticut College 1985-89
John Keimig Frederick Comm. College  /  UNC-Pembroke 2004-08
Brian King Frederick Community College 1991-93
Rick Kinna Hagerstown Junior College 1978-80
Ed Krusinski Western Maryland College 1987-91
Mike Main Concord College  /  Lynchburg College 1997-2001
Brian McMahon Frederick Community College 1993-95
Bryan Meckley St. Mary's College 1997-99
Billy Miskell Frederick Community College 1979-81
Thad Moore Penn State - Mont Alto 1990-92
Michael Oursler York College 2008-12
Brian Sheffler Frederick Community College 1974-76
Mike Silverman Frostburg State University 1996-97
Todd Stanzione Marymount University 2000-01
Paul Throne Frederick Community College 1968-70
Ken Wilson George Mason University 1979-83
Morgan Winn Shenandoah University 2009-12

Girls' Basketball

Tisa Mullins Frostburg State University        
Brittney George Hood College  
Rachel Kessler Hood College  
Emily Maerz Hood College  
Alyssa Oursler Gettysburg College 2009-2012

Girls' Lacrosse

Katie Stottlemyer Messiah College 2017-Present
Megan Atkinson Florida Southern University 2017-Present
Shannon Duley Radford University 2017-Present
Kristyn Staley UMBC 2017-Present
Rachel Walchuck UMBC 2017-Present
Peyton McCraken Wingate University 2016-Present
Rilee Bradshaw Duquesne University 2016-Present
Emily Delauter Winthrop University 2016-Present
Kaitlyn Ridenour Mount St. Mary's 2016-Present
Tori Martin Notre Dame College 2015-Present
Casey Aguilar American University 2015-Present
Sam Breeze American University 2015-Present
Olivia Ginebra Edinboro University of PA 2015-Present
Brittany Levine UMBC 2015-Present
Carly Tolino UMBC 2015-Present
Bailey Skubon Robert Morris University 2015-Present
Hannah Powell Seton Hill University 2015-Present
Jennifer DeSimone American University 2014-Present
Katie Breeze Robert Morris University 2013-Present
Taylor Altomare Hofstra University/George Mason 2013- Present
Mariah Ginebra Christopher Newport University 2013- Present
Danielle Barbeito Wingate/McDaniel College 2013/2014-Present
Samantha Barbeito McDaniel College 2012-2016
Sydney Frey Aurora University 2012-2016
Erin Wein Delaware University 2012- 2016
Emily Boyce Richmond University 2012- 2015
Brittain Altomore Hofstra University 2012- 2015
Madison Murphy Roanoke College 2010-2014
Lindsey Cosgray Methodist University 2007-2010

Boys' Lacrosse

Robert Prescott Frederick Community College 2017-Present
Braden Martin Howard Community College 2017-Present
Anthony Orsini Marquette University 2017-Present
Derek Delauter Ferrum Univrsity 2016-Present
Evan Langley Wingate University 2016-Present
Alex Heckler Mercyhurst Northeast 2016-Present
Cameron Clingan FCC 2016-Present
Keller Falkenstein Hood College 2015-Present
Nick Yancey Salisbury University 2014-Present
Michael Butcher Lebanon Valley College 2014-Present
Brian Kilonsky Lebanon Valley College 2014-Present
Johnny Gallaway Villanova University 2013-Present
Dan Goldstein Villanova University 2013-Present
Christian Ottenritter Providence/Salisbury University 2013/2014-Present


Erika Pritchard University of Maryland 2017-Present
Samantha Higginbothem University of Maryland 2014-Present
Emily Rabat Frederick Community College 2014-2016
Caitlin Roy Stevenson University 2012
Holly Wright Fairmont State University 2012-2013
Ashley Higginbothem Charleston Southern University 2011-2014
Mattie Smith Salisbury University 2011-2014
Ashley Park-Brouse Hood College 2011-2014
Rebecca Rieser Hood College 2011-2013
Katie Keyser Frederick Community College 2010-2011
Levita Feaster Centenary/ Alabama A&M 2010-2012
Erin King Shepherd University 2006
Brittany Tribett FCC / College College `2008-2009
Alison Jarkey Shippensburg University 2004
Aubrey Pfau Shepherd University 2002-2005
Erica Young Johnson & Wiles 2002-2004
Breanne Hathaway FCC/ Shippensburg University 2002-2005
Gretchen Morgan FCC/ Shippensburg University 2000-2003


Michelle Shedd Hood College 2014-Present
Bresha Byrd Florida State University 1992-1993


Madison Martin Lebanon Valley College 2015-Present
Matt Walchuck St. Mary's College of MD 2013 - Present
Chelsea Rossick Rose-Hulman University 2013
Zach Lilley St. Mary's College of MD 2012 - Present
Katelyn Rossick MIT 2010-2014


Zane Harshman Longwood University (program eliminated) 2001 - 02
Brandonn Johnson Kent State/Notre Dame College 2009 -12/2012-14
Chad Strube Virginia Tech University 2012 - 2016
Judd Ziegler Princeton University 2012 - 2016
Matt Capobianco Gettysburg College 2013 - Present
Tyler Kishimoto Messiah College 2014 - 2015
Joshua Grossnickle Messiah College 2015 - Present
Tucker Ziegler Brown University 2015 - Present
Danny Bertoni University of Maryland 2017-Present
Sean Mullican West Virginia University 2017-Present
Mert Gulen Bloomsburg University 2017-Present

Track and Field

Kevin Long Lafayette College 2017-Present
Reilly Caldwell Furman University  2017-Present
Erin Smith Kansas State University 2015-Present
Paige Bussard Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 2015-Present
Brent Leber Lipscomb University 2015-Present
Brandon Folio UMBC 2014-Present
Erin Doherty Shippensburg University 2014-Present
Annie Noffsinger Hagerstown Community College 2014-Present
Stephanie Bidle Salisbury University 2013-Present
Megan Kelly Towson University 2013-Present
Kenton Grossnickle Hagerstown Comm. College / Messiah College 2012-Present
Andy Drum Hagerstown Comm. College  /  Hood College 2011-2015
Austin Strine Shippensburg University 2010-2014


Andrew Heon Hood College 2017-Present
Mitchel Chalk Hood College 2017-Present
Nick DeSimone Shepherd College 2016-Present
Jake Darr Washington and Jefferson 2016-Present
Eric Williams HCC/Shepherd College 2013-Present
Alex Hoffman Memphis/Maryland  


Annie McClain Lebanon Valley University 2016-Present
Sami Main University of Maryland 2015-Present
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